Rage Yoga 6/29 10:30am An awesome workout with some raging

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Break up parties


Ready to move on? Have a few things you'd like to get off your chest? Holding on to some resentment? This is a great way to let it all go. 

What's included: framed 8x10 of the Ex, a piece of glass and a sharpie to right it all down, 15 random bottles and whatever you'd like to bring in to smash from the relationship (within reason) $35 for 20 min

Demo Day


Always envied Chip and wanted to destroy some cabinets? Now's your chance! 

What's included: a piece of random furniture or cabinets (depends on whats in stock) 15 random bottles

$35 for 20 min

Office Space


Ever wanted to take a baseball bat to the printer at work? Well, here ya go!

What's included: one medium sized electronic or 2 small electronics, 15 random bottles

$35 for 20 min

Fed up Wife/Mom


Ever come home from work or running errands and no one has done their chores? The dishwasher is full, the sink is overflowing, the clothes in the washer have mildewed. We've all been there. Where you either want to cry or start slamming dishes on the ground. You can do that here!

What's included: dishwasher with 15-20 random dishes, 10 random bottles 

$40 for 20 min

Road Rage


Hate the traffic? Want to put your foot through a windshield? Us too! Let's do it!

What's included:  a windshield (will have a crack, these are recycled) random car parts like a door or hood (depending what's in stock) 15 random bottles $45 for 20 min

Let it go


If you're like most people, you hold on to hurt and anger for way too long. Someone may have wronged you, you lost your job, lost a close relative and you can't seem to move on. Sometimes it helps to put a name to it. 

What's included: a large piece of glass and a sharpie, write it down and shatter it, 20-25 random bottles, screaming and crying (we don't judge)

$35 for 20 min

Private Parties

Tired of bowling, dinner, the movies, wine and paint? Looking for something new a fun to do with your group? You found it!

What's included:

-2 hours, split how you would like between everyone

-the whole place to yourselves

-there's a 13' table, with seating for 16 to have food catered or everyone bring a dish. byob

-15-20 breakables per person, some form of electronics, furniture, etc to destroy

-outside area (nothing fancy but seating to relax, smoke, vape, talk

-requires at least 8 people

-$30 per person

-specialty or themed parties are an additional cost 

-contact us directly to book


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